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We know that being a reader who is fluent, confident and can understand what they have read is a key life skill. We want to encourage children to read as much as possible! At school, at home, on the bus, on the sofa, in a tent…wherever they can! Children who read often and at the correct level grow in confidence and learn to love reading and the possibilities it brings. This year, we have introduced a new approach to reading and home school reading in particular.

Our new reading system: Book to learn, Book to love, and your child’s reading folder

Book to Learn

After an initial assessment, each child across the school will be given a book to help them learn. This book will be an Oxford Reading Tree book, which is colour banded for different stages. The idea for these books is to help children practice reading; to read fluently with few mistakes – this allows children to practice expression, punctuation, and comprehension. This means they might not be as challenging as you might expect. We give the children a range of challenging texts at school and their book to love can be any book of their choice, including something which is challenging.

The book to learn should be brought in every day as it will be needed in school when children do STAR (Sit Together and Read) sessions. To make sure the children really practice their reading, we would like these books to be read twice before changing them.

Book to Love

This book is any book the child chooses. It can be a book such as one from the school library, a book from home, or from your local library. This might be a challenging book and this might be a book you share together or read to them. It is something that can spark their love of reading and they are encouraged to read this as much as they want for pleasure.

Your child’s reading folder

Your child will be given a named folder to keep their books in. This folder will need to come in every day as we will be using the books in school and offering children time to read both books. Inside this folder they should have:

  • The Book to Learn
  • The Book to Love
  • The Reading Record Booklet

Beechwood Reading Scheme – Reading Rangers

To encourage the children to read their Book to Learn, we have set up a home school reading scheme. Each week, if your child reads at home three or more times for ten minutes from their Book to Learn, they will be given a raffle ticket for a grand prize draw at the end of each half term!

On top of this, on a weekly basis, the class in the school with the highest number of children who read four or more times will be given a 5-minutes extra playtime.

An adult at home will need to sign the home school reading record each time a child has read to them for ten or more minutes. This will then be checked each week by the school.