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Year 4

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break; we are very happy to welcome the children back for new year and to begin our exciting Spring units of learning.  In the first half term, we will be undertaking our second history unit of the year which will involve studying Vikings and deciding whether they were raiders or traders. Within science, we will be completing a topic based on animals – considering  characteristics of different species such as their nutrition and skeletons.  The children will also be returning to their art topic where they will be able to develop their skills within their sketchbooks. They will have the opportunity to undertake tasks such as: creating facial expressions within drawings, turning digital images into art work and sketching for a wide range of purposes. Within our PSHE lessons, we will be exploring ‘confidentiality, democracy, rail safety and medicines’.

After half term, we will be building on the children’s knowledge of natural disasters through the knowledge of Volcanoes and Earthquakes. In DT, the children will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of cooking by it to their science knowledge of nutrition. They will design and create a recipe that is as healthy as possible. If you would like to know more about what we will be learning in school this term, our curriculum maps and full curriculum overview are available on the school website.


Year 4 PE days will remain on a Monday and Tuesday. Please remember, on our PE days, children need to come to school wearing PE kit that consists of: a plain colour t-shirt and dark coloured bottoms. If you child has long hair, please ensure it is tied back. During the term, indoor PE will allow the children to explore expression gymnastics whilst outdoor PE will look at developing their skills in games such as netball and basketball.

With regards to what you can do at home to support your child’s learning, we would suggest completing regular reading (this should be logged on Boom Reader) to improve fluency when reading. We have also attached some stem questions at the bottom of the letter which can be used to support conversations/ questioning when reading together. If you wanted to support your child with spelling, we would suggest beginning with the words on the year 3/4 government spelling rules. These are also attached. This year the children will be completing an official multiplication test. We continue to dedicate one maths session to practising multiplication and using Times Table Rockstars but continuing this practise at home is incredibly important to best support children mastering their times table knowledge.

There are many ways in which you can work on times tables with your child. Please see a list below:




Thank you for the wonderful homework projects you have supported the children to produce this year; it has been so lovely sharing the work they have made and seeing how proud they are of the work on display. Below is the topic homework for this term. We do not mind how this work is presented- it can be a presentation, a letter, a recorded video, sculpture, model or a piece of artwork. If you need to send in your homework via email, please make sure your teacher is expecting to receive it so they can check all files.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s class teacher and thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team

Spring Homework

Year 4 Spring 1 Curriculum Homework – Due in Monday 5th February


Using your knowledge of animals from this term, pick your favourite animal and create a fact file on them containing knowledge you have focused on this term e.g. skeleton, nutrition etc

.You could create:

  • An annotate poster
  • An information leaflet
  • A PowerPoint

Year 4 Spring 2 Curriculum Homework – Due Monday 25th March

PSHE – What makes a community?

Recap your PSHE knowledge and create something that represents what makes a community to you.

You could create:

  • A written speech with examples
  • A PowerPoint
  • An annotate drawing