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Year 3

Dear parents/carers,

What an amazing term we have had! The children have really progressed in all areas! We are so proud of their achievements across the curriculum and were so happy to meet with parents during parents evening to pass on their successes. We are looking forward to a fun packed spring term, full of amazing learning opportunities and exciting new topics.

Please help us by supporting your child with their reading and times tables at home. Reading three times a week and logging that on Boom will help your child’s class to become VIP reading champions (a new initiative we are running to promote reading at home). If you should need support with setting up an account please ask us; we are always happy to help. Additionally, practising tables will help children immensely as we progress towards further multiplication and division in Spring One. Should your child wish to take more homework to keep them busy at home, don’t forget to visit the homework station. The work on here is changed monthly and will provide some insight into what we have been doing in class.

In Spring One we will be studying Mountains and the Water Cycle for our Geography unit, before moving onto the Ancient Romans in Spring Two. During RE we will be exploring the concepts of creation and symbolism with a focus on Christianity. In Science, we will focus on the body in our unit ‘Animals including humans’ looking at the skeleton and muscles in particular, followed by a unit on light in Spring two.In DT, we will be focusing on 3D shapes and net building. Finally, we will be developing our sketching skills in Art. What an exciting term it will be!

As you are probably already aware, our P.E. days are on Mondays and Wednesdays this term. In Spring One Mondays will return to indoor PE and Wednesdays will be Outdoor PE. Please remember that on our PE days children need to come in wearing PE kit that consists of their house colour t-shirt and dark coloured bottoms and black trainers (please ensure they wear their school jumper or cardigan and not a sports top on these days). If your child has long hair, please ensure it is tied back on these days and where possible, remove earrings or cover them in advance.

Below is the topic homework for this term. We cannot wait to see what exciting projects the children produce from it. We do not mind how this work is presented- it can be a presentation, a letter, a recorded video, sculpture, model or a piece of artwork. If you need to send in your homework via email, please drop us a message at info@beechwoodjuniorschool.co.uk with your child’s teacher and child’s name as the subject.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s class teacher or Miss Coomber. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes,

The Year 3 Team: Miss Coomber, Mrs Crook, Mrs James, Mrs Raja, Miss Paulina, Miss Marieta and Mrs Butterworth.

Year 3 Spring One Curriculum Homework – Due in Monday 5th February

Geography Study

Mountains and The Water Cycle

For this project how about you learn more about some of the most famous mountains of the world? You could make a set of top trumps to compare them or make a game to help us learn more about them. Or if you don’t fancy that, how about making an informative poster all about the water cycle. If you are more creative you could make a model at home and observe the water cycle in action. Whatever you decide, remember to have fun.






Year 3 Spring Two Curriculum Homework – Due in Monday 25th March

History Study

Ancient Romans

For this project you can explore the Ancient Romans further! Our learning will focus on Invasion and Battles but there is so much more to learn about the Romans. Perhaps you could look into Roman theatre, Roman villas, diet, education or even mosaics. There is so much to discover. Please feel free to present what you have learned in any way you wish: a powerpoint, a poster, a model, a play, anything that takes your fancy.

Roman Empire – KS2 History – BBC Bitesize

KS2 History: The Romans – BBC Teach

Roman facts & Roman Britain for kids – KS2 History (superbrainybeans.com)

Facts about Romans for Kids – Roman Britain Homework help (primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk)

Should you need any support with these projects, please ask. We can always provide some printed resources or paper etc to help you.