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Our Values

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Our Vision

At Beechwood school we believe in the importance of equipping children with the skills and experiences necessary to prepare them for an ever-changing world and an unknown future. We want to ensure they have the learning attributes that are transferable to a range of situations and contexts. In particular, we believe in the importance of communication in underpinning all social interaction so that pupils can learn from others, express their own views honestly and accurately and be socially fulfilled individuals.

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Our Mission

Every child will be given the opportunities to learn effective communication skills for use in a variety of social and technological contexts. We also believe in having respect for ourselves, each other and our community including the environment we live in, ensuring all pupils have the skills, confidence and attitudes to become responsible citizens. Every child will accept and embrace differences by learning from each other. They will respect the views of others and have the confidence to communicate their own ideas and opinions.

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Core Beliefs

While they are at Beechwood, the children will develop their roles as active citizens in the world around them, taking responsibility for their learning through a resilient attitude. We will ensure that every child will be given the pastoral support and nurture that they need. They will be encouraged to accept and learn
from their mistakes with the understanding that learning is hard.

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Pupil Care

No child will be left out based on race, age, nationality, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Neither will they leave our school without the essential knowledge, skills and understanding needed in our ever changing technological world. The curriculum in our school will allow every child to maximise their full potential and be inspired to become life-long learners. It will promote creativity and independence and it will instil in them a love of learning.