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Juniper Road,

SO18 4EG

Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 16:30

Friday 08:00 - 16:00

Beechwood Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher- Mrs L Phillips

Deputy Headteacher- Mrs C Street

SENCO and Inclusion Leader- Miss L Baker

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs K Furby

Site Manager and Office Staff

Business Manager- Mrs T Bulpett

Family Support Worker- Mrs L Hamilton

ELSA- Mrs M Seagrave

Office Manager- Mrs A Fowler

Office Staff- Mrs L Grant, Mrs D Stone and Miss J Crates

Site Team-   Mr A Fowler

Year 3 Team

Teaching and Learning Leader – Miss C Coomber

Teachers- Mrs H Crook and Mrs S James

Teaching Support Team-Mrs A Butterworth (HLTA), Mrs M Raja, Miss P Wielgos and Mrs Marieta

Year 4 Team

Teaching and Learning Leader- Mrs K Knight

Teachers- Mr I Scott and Mrs B Record

Teaching Support Team- Mr M Fincham (HLTA), Mrs T Hockley, Miss K Billingham and Miss L Morris

Year 5 Team

Teaching and Learning Leader- Mr A Massey

Teachers- Mrs G Ghai and Miss C Bartlett

Teaching Support Team- Mrs C Embree, Mrs H Gregory, Miss R Greenaway

Year 6 Team

Teaching and Learning Leader- Miss A Webb

Teachers- Mr N Parker, Miss B Turville and Mr C Davis

Teaching Support Team- Mrs T Weet (HLTA), Mrs M Carter-Murphy, Mrs A Jordan and Mrs M Pearce

Mrs D Streets – TA

PPA and Cover Teachers

French- Mrs P Moore

Music- Southampton Music Services

PE Coach- Super Star Sports