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‘At Beechwood, we have a Growth Mindset and we believe in ourselves.  Our learning is exciting and we want everyone to be excited by it. Our curriculum helps us to learn and remember new things and to show us what is possible by expanding our range of first-hand, engaging, real-life experiences. We have the freedom and confidence to think for ourselves and to ask questions. We are learning to be responsible members of our community which will prepare us for the wider world.’

At Beechwood we know that…



When children come to Beechwood, we want them to be excited by learning. Our curriculum endeavours to open their minds to what is possible by expanding their range of first-hand, emotionally engaging, real-life experiences. They will have the freedom and confidence to think for themselves and continue to ask questions about their place in the world around them. Every child will believe in their capacity to expand their capabilities.

As well as expanding their horizons, we believe in preparing our children for the future by equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills that will enable them to thrive in whatever context they find themselves in. The approach to our curriculum outlined here demonstrates how we support them to become successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors in our ever-changing technological world.

At Beechwood, we employ a variety of learning approaches to nurture each individual pupil to achieve their own ambitions and those the school has for them. As a result, the children achieve exceptionally well. They are supported by high-quality teaching, first-class pastoral care and a firm commitment to the school’s core HEART values: Honesty, Effort, Achievement, Respect and Teamwork.

We believe that our curriculum is sequenced to ensure that children have the opportunities and learning experiences they need to progress and build on their learning.

The Beechwood Team

December 2021


Curriculum Intent: What are we trying to achieve?

We are an inner-city, coastal junior school with pupils from widely varying personal, cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to equip every single one of them to succeed in life.

Our intent is to provide a curriculum that:

  • Is ambitious and accessible for all pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged and those with SEND
  • Provides a broad foundation of knowledge and skills across a wide range of subjects
  • Is progressively sequenced to deepen pupils understanding ready for the next stage of learning
  • Ignites pupils’ passions and cultivates their individual talents and interests
  • Equips pupils with the personal and social skills they will need in order to contribute positively to the community around them.

In addition to the ‘taught’ curriculum, we aim to embody a ‘family culture’ through our shared HEART values that everyone will demonstrate through their everyday interactions with each other.  This provides a secure environment for pupils to learn and will set them up to be responsible citizens for the future.

These values are:

  • H We base learning on open and honest feedback about progress and clear and realistic expectations; we encourage all to reflect honestly on their learning.
  • E We believe in encouraging and equipping children with the tools they need to work and try their hardest.
  • A We believe in celebrating achievement to develop pride and to encourage perseverance in the pursuit of excellence.
  • R We respect all people, the world in which we live and value all opinions and beliefs.
  • T We believe that by working together, supporting each other and collaborating towards common goals, we can achieve truly outstanding outcomes for all.